Historical Audit & Recovery

Enterprises today waste millions of dollars in telecom services that are overcharged, underutilized, ineffectively negotiated, and inefficiently deployed. Today's businesses are especially challenged with keeping tabs on all their voice, data and mobile charges and equipment. The billing invoices to manage these various communications have become extremely complicated. The first step to reducing your telecom costs and gaining control is implementing a comprehensive telecommunications audit.

CMG's Historical Audit & Recovery is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We will identify and document every telecom circuit, service and contract within your organization. We will uncover every telecom billing error, calculate your average spend, detect obsolete voice & data circuits, and identify duplicate billings. CMG's Telecom Audit Includes:

Telecom Spend Assessment

To make informed business decisions, we begin by creating a comprehensive view of your telecom landscape. Using advanced technology and processes refined over the past four decades, we compare bills and contracts to the needs of your organization.

Data Analysis

Utilizing the information gathered during the assessment process, CMG will carefully analyze all the data relating to your total telecom spend. Every circuit, contract, service, invoice, and piece of telecom equipment will be examined and reviewed.

Historical Audit

A key aspect our engagement will focus on a historical review of telecom spend where we identify areas of incorrect billing. Beyond identifying errors in contracted rates alone, our software audits services billed but not installed, billed contrary to tariff, and services disconnected but still billing. In addition, we find and recover misapplied taxes and surcharges.

Cost Reduction Opportunities

Through understanding your organizations needs’ we may propose opportunities for cost reduction. Such examples include trunk group optimization, removal of excess services and features, least cost routing strategies, and wireless plan and feature

Audit Benefits

  • Audit recoveries, credits and checks
  • Inventory of audited services
  • Billing errors and recoveries
  • Cost reduction recommendations
  • Best in Class service alternatives
  • Implementation 100% by the Auditor
  • Proof of recoveries and savings
  • Supplier management responsibility
  • Project management responsibility

Recovery Opportunities

  • Services billed but not installed
  • Services ordered disconnected, but still billed
  • Services billed, but not ordered
  • Services billed contrary to tariff
  • Billing of services no longer offered
  • Billing in excess of contract
  • Billing errors in supplier accounting systems
  • Misapplication of taxes and surcharges
  • Cellular telephone features and contract audit


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