Engineering Firm
- Client since 2006
“We were very organized and analyzed our telecom spend, but the time involved to process them manually conflicted with other department objectives. The iTEMize software has been an affordable solution to reduce the time spent tracking costs and manually assigning charges to cost centers. iTEMize has made it really easy to automatically generate key reports.”    
- VP of Technology

Financial Services Firm
- Client since 2007

“AP now automates payment approval through an electronic feed built by iTEMize to integrate within our GL system. This has saved roughly 3 days of work each month compared to the old method. Within the IT finance department, iTEMize has cut time spent by 12 hours / month.”    
- AVP of IT/Finance

Healthcare Provider
- Client since 2007

“Leveraging the iTEMize software and team, we have been able to identify $50k in annual savings in wireless, LD, and carrier spend.”    
- Senior Systems Network Engineer

Telecom Company
- Client since 2008

“Multiple divisions and positions benefit from leveraging iTEMize. Labor savings from invoice, dispute, and inventory research are expected to be more than 20 hours per week. We secured a $26,000 credit with a Tier 1 Carrier due to lines being charged that should have been disconnected 2 years prior. We identified taxes which should not have been charged for a total of $1,500 per month in credits due.”    
- VP of Operations

Property Management Firm
- Client since 2009

“iTEMize outputs a spreadsheet for us to upload into our financial system, so departments get charged back for their monthly wireless costs. This process used to take us 3 days every month. Now, the iTEMize team emails us the spreadsheet! Automated reports show us devices with 'no minutes used' so we can track down and suspend dormant devices. We run trend analysis reports to see which devices are varying from their expected monthly recurring cost and to ensure they are all on the right wireless plan. This is an analysis that we never did before due to the manpower required to track 500+ devices. We expect to cut our wireless spend by 25% to 35% the first year by using iTEMize reports. We are now adding all of our landlines and data / voice circuits to the iTEMize database as well.”    
- Vice President, Information Technology and Business Applications


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